Research projects

The CCMIJU receives a very important part of the financing of its projects through competitive proposals financed with public funds, at European, state and regional level, obtained in the different programs of the HORIZON2020, State Plan of I+D+I and Regional Plan of Investigation.

CCMIJU researchers currently participate in more than 40 projects selected on the basis of excellence, impact and quality ,as well as leading some of them. Many of them are projects in collaboration with other research centres, universities and companies of recognised prestige at the national and international level, such as the POSITION II project, with 47 partners led by Philips Electronics Nederland; and the PICCOLO project, led by the Tecnalia Research & Innovation Foundation, with 9 partners. Both H2020 projects.

Pojects list

Expediente: TSI-064100-2022-25

Estudios para la implantación, adaptación y mejora de redes de comunicación 5G avanzadas para su aplicación al control remoto de dispositivos robóticos para cirugía de mínima invasión

  • Organization: Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital / Programa UNICO I+D 6G 2022 en el marco del Plan de Recuperación. Transformación y Resiliencia.
  • Coordinador/Responsable: Francisco Miguel Sánchez Margallo1
  • PI: Francisco Miguel Sánchez Margallo
  • Contact: Juan A. Sánchez Margallo