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Santiago Ramón y Cajal



Courses program and Events

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  Date Courses / Events
2017-06-01 XXIX Urologic Microsurgery Trainning Course
2017-06-05 XLVII Course on Laparoscopic Suturing (Supramesocholic surgery)
2017-06-19 Course on Veterinary Endoscopic Surgery. Module I. Basic Laparoscopy
2017-06-21 Course on Veterinary Endoscopic Surgery. Module II. Thoracoscopy
2017-09-14 XI Course on Basic Microsurgery in Veterinary Medicine
2017-09-18 XII Course on renal advanced laparoscopy
2017-09-21 XXXI National XXVIII International Seminar on Endoscopy. Theory and Practice
2017-10-05 15th Course on Basic Endoluminal and Interventional Radiology Techniques in Veterinary Medicine
2017-10-05 8Th Training Course on Fetoscopy and Updates on Fetal Surgery
2017-10-16 VIII Course On Experimental Flaps in Microsurgery

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